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GSR Class 551 / J26 ECMbuild in 7mm

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Break gear coming together

Shoes cut out of Delrin for insulation purposes and the hangers from .5mm brass



Hangers marked out and holes drilled ready for cutting out


All the bits, including guard irons from .5mm brass, the fire grate front n sides and a little bit of grate detail in .5mm brass with rivets punched


Break shoes pinned onto the hangers, 1.2mm brass tube with .6mm id soldered into the chassis to take .6mm pins to hang the breaks off



Breaks test erected and joy-rigged at the lower end to work out the longitudinal break lever arms and cross fittings..... next





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Just Amazerballs.  

Eoin you should be heading up the engineering division of the next SST project. Your engineering talents, design intelligence and resourcefulness know no bounds. :tumbsup:

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