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    In New York, they have reduced the incidences of this sort of criminality through education on how it affects tourism and in turn money for the city and in turn money for amenities and facilities, and of course the use of Graphitti resistant paint the current trend is using acid etch on the windows, which ufortunately involves replacing windows and not a quick wash down with graphitti Removal chemicals. as for the hi vis vests, seeing as these people seem to have free run of the depots, picking up a few vests along the way is no probs. Is there no security in these places ?. The ind
  2. Perfect, thank you for your prompt reply
  3. Thanks JB. They look brilliant, I wonder was the workbench tutorial ever completed
  4. Were there doors on both sides of the vans and if so, were they opposite each other or offset, with one at each end ? thanks.
  5. Hi, did this build ever get any further ?
  6. Great show, well done and thank you to everyone involved I have a nephew and niece who came along to Sunday, they haven’t stopped talking about it since and are already looking forward to next years show. Thanks again. Bob
  7. Hi folks, I’ve got this far with my conversion of BR Intercity MK IV to IR Intercity Any ideas on how to tint the windows and also how to paint the black window frames ? all suggestions welcome, thanks. Bob
  8. It might be in spreadsheet format already, maybe jhb171 is doing in sheet and uploading as text, dunno. In any case the model idea is brill. I like the pictures idea too. I’d could be combined with photos from wrenneire’s historic archive. And Ernies archive for the prototypes. A lot of work indeed, but I can see this turning into the go to Oracle for Irish rail rolling stock info.
  9. WOW !! This is incredible ! It’s exactly what I had in mind when I was writing the OP... thank you for taking the time to put this together . I’m sure that so many people will find this helpful. edit. I don’t know what App you are creating the document in, but those docs seldom transfer correctly to a post, hence the lining up issue. If the site has a resource section you could add it there as a live document, maybe, and edit it as other suggestions come in. That way all your formatting would also be preserved. Anyway, thanks again for this.
  10. Not having the knowledge of 40 - 50 years of Irish railway modeling, I find it difficult to get info on the evolution of Irish rolling stock. Other than Wikipedia which is a bit disjointed at the best of times. Has anyone ever considered putting together a definitive timeline of when stock came in and out of service. It could be done in a number of separate but parallel time lines to include, goods, passenger and locos and maybe one for working stock. It would certainly help with trying to model different eras. Bob Mods: possibly in the wrong forum, please move if so.
  11. OMG, that is just amazing. Keep up the good work and most of all, enjoy
  12. I am thinking about doing Cobh Station, in a sort of Generic way so that I could run steam or diesel in it and it would still look ok. The buildings would all be correct but in a hypathetical era... if that makes any sense for example, there was a fine water tower/ coal shed and a turntable, long gone now but I would still include them even though on the odd day, there might be a DMU motoring past .
  13. So did they sell or not, difficult to tell from the thread ? 150 Irish Euro offered if not.
  14. Also for the modern stock, is there any repository for the codes or approximations of the colors used ?
  15. Surely that’s not a real sale ???
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