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  1. Slow progress at present over at Dromahair due to the past couple of weekends being tied up. I've managed to get some rail down though. H I've used the 2mm Scale Association's code 40 flat bottomed rail which is a bit heavy duty for the SLNCR but hopefully it captures the Irish broad gauge feel. I really need to get a wagon chassis built before I finish the point though otherwise I risk having to rebuild the whole thing once complete if a roll through highlights any issues.
  2. When the Rolling Stones christened their album "Sticky Fingers" I don't think they were talking about gluing sleepers down...... It might not be very rock 'n' roll but I've finished the sleepers (and cleaned the glue off my fingers....) It should be ready for some rail once the holes for the droppers and point control are drilled.
  3. Ok, it may not look much but these bits of brass represent a massive step forward for my recreation of Dromahair. Without them the track could not be built and I wouldn't have a hope of getting anything running well. The are no off shelf options for these gauges for 10.5mm 2mm gauge so they all have to be turned from scratch. I was fortunate in that the rolling gauge was kindly donated to the cause by a fellow 2mm Irish modeller over on RMweb. The rest are the work of my own fair hand. I still need another roller gauge and I would like a check rail gauge, so there is still work to do. I need to get a spacing washer for the toolpost on my lathe before I do though as I am getting some movement as I cannot tighten it down properly without one. Without this I haven't a hope of turning the roller gauges accurately. The gauges here are enough here to start the straight section of track at the rear of the layout that runs past the station platform though.
  4. Indeed, 3d printing does open up a whole new world for rare prototypes, and for 2mm scale is not too expensive either. It isn't an open the box and plonk on a chassis as it is sometimes portrayed, I am already a couple of hours into the smoothing and sanding an only one side and the roof is complete. The cab is rigidly fixed to the body so would require cutting and a flexible connection added to articulate, I'm not sure whether this is worth the effort. The current plan is to use a coach bogie (LNWR 8' seems the best representation) combined with some 5.25mm disc wheels for the 28" rear wheels and use 6mm discs wheels for the 33" fronts. The fronts will need drilling to accept crank pins for the coupling rods, but that shouldn't be too hard. The main issue is the use of wagon wheels prohibits the use of a standard 2mm split frame chassis so I will be back to wiper pick ups. The plus side is this enables a solid drive axle to be used, current thoughts are to use one of these to power the rear coupled axle:- https://shop.kkpmo.com/product_info.php?info=p1003_m400g144-micromotor-with-ratio-144-1.html I reckon it will give a top speed of around 60 MPH (so in line with the real thing) 550rpm x 6mm dia x pi x 60mins/hr / 2mm/ft / 3ft/yd / 1760yd/mile if my calcs a right. It probably won't be very powerful but then there is no tail load to drag. The motor can be mounted vertically in the luggage compartment and should be relatively invisible.
  5. Thanks for the positive responses everyone, Apologies for the late reply, I got myself locked out on my mobile as I couldn't remember my password. Galteemore, Good to hear there is some local interest. I already have a couple of Alphagraphix kits in 7mm that I've scanned and reduced to 2mm. These are railbus 2a, which I am intending to use as drawings to produce a plasticard model and Glenfarne goods shed which closely resembles the shed at Dromahair (the only difference I've found is the windows and doorways were arched at Glenfarne and horizontal at Dromahair). The goods shed is currently being built in card at 2mm scale to assist with the mock up, eventually it will be built in plasticard as the stonework really needs some 3d texture to be convincing. I am aware of a couple of other SLNCR kits in the Alphagraphix range (e.g. Manorhamilton singla box) but despite sending a couple of emails have had no response from Alphagraphix. They usually attend the O Gauge Guild's show at Telford in September so worst case is I'll catch them there. I've already purchased the Wagon drawings available from the Irish Rail Archives so should be in a good place to start constructing the rolling stock. I've also got a 3d print of railcar B on the workbench. It needs quite a bit of work due to striation on the lower body and roof but should be workable. Ernie, I'm already addicted to your site and have used extensively for my Callander and Oban modelling. The SLNCR section was one of the inspirations behind this model. David, Thanks for the support, as noted above Arigna Town was another one of the inspirations. I noticed the plan above doesn't have the notes on it which help explain the model:- I've brought the signal site just past the signal box onto scene to add interest. Now I've more accurately scaled the model I have more room on the left hand side than represented in this plan so the Station building will not be flush to the backscene (see mock up above). I've also got a fully drawn up Templot template now using 9ft sleepers at 2'6" spacings with flat bottom rail as per the prototype (as far as I can make out). My current debate is whether to use code 30 or code 40 flat bottom rail, both are available from the 2mm Scale Association, the code 30 will look lighter and be more representative of the 75lb rail used but come in coil form and is, apparently, a right B###### to straighten.
  6. Hello! I've been contributing to RMweb for a while now on my various UK modelling activities and confess to knowing very little about the Irish rail network and history outside of the Sligo & Leitrim. A couple of my modelling activities owe their origins to my school library and the books available to me in my early teen years. The railway section was hardly extensive, from memory it contained an impenetrable text on Locomotive design by OVS Bulleid, an equally dull book on Locomotive performance by OS Nock and 3 bound annual volumes of the Railway Magazine 1962-65 all seeming to focus on the on-going modernisation of British Railways. It did stock another couple of books that were much more inspirational, John Thomas's history of the the Callander and Oban Railway and finally a copy of the Slight, Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway by Neil Sprinks. The later book was full of weird 0-6-4 tanks engines running on an unusual 5' 3" gauge (to my pre-teen eyes) across and rural land I knew nothing about, none the less it sowed a seed..... Forty years of dusty memory was recently brought back to life by seeing David Holman's superb Arigna Town at a couple of exhibitions and a trip to Dublin over the Easter break had me Googling and re-discovering the SLNCR again. On return to the UK the three books on the line were purchased (including the edition of original history of the line I had read back in school) and a 1956 edition of the Railway Magazine that also contain descriptions of a visit and a potted history of the line. One of the reason's for the sudden re-awakening of interest was the 2mm Scale Association's Diamond Jubilee Layout Competition (DJLC). This is due to end in June 2020 and restricts the veiwable section of any layout to 600x240mm, so not a lot to play with and I had been struggling to find anything worthwhile that interested me. Whilst Googling the line on holiday in Dublin, I found the Dromahair Heritage web-site and noticed the Dromahair track plan on the OS map had potential:- The black outline approximates to the base board size allowed and by moving the goods shed to the right I should be able to use this as a view blocker. It should be noted that the OS map above is obviously an early layout of the sidings as I have never seen the point forming the loop in any photo of the line. I'm intending to model the 1947-54 period so the track formation will be out of date but one of the other rules of the DJLC competition is that the layout must contain at least one point so it stays. Besides, it'll add interest. The layout will be built to 10.5mm gauge and I hope to get the track work underway in early June. I'll be picking up gauges and rail at the 2mm Association's Supermeet on the 8th June (in Tutbury Staffordshire UK if your around.....). The main board is built and a mock up tried, it'll be on with build soon. I haven't seen any other 10.5mm gauge layouts but it would good to understand anyone else's experience and what, if anything is available to to the 2mm modeller for Irish railways. I'm also hoping you'll set me straight should any UKisms creep into the build. I'll post more as it happens (assuming you're interested!) Thanks!
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