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  1. Oh bring those As on - just in time for the Beet Campaign - Happy days !
  2. Take yourself to Downpatrick and you will see a running A class there.
  3. ak425


  4. I am all on for this Irish Deltic - why not . Deltic 16 was going around for a while in that crazy purple livery. So IRM get cracking !
  5. Amazing wagons - well done IRM once again
  6. Got my copy on December 27th - the perfect post Christmas present. I knew this was going to be a cracker and it certainly is. This book really sums up how good our railways were not too long ago. The variety we had is all summed up in this superb book. Get it while you can and see in great detail how good our railways used to be. !
  7. Fantastic photos , the 121s look amazing. Well done to MM - Again ! 2020 is going to be some year - 121 & A classes. How times have changed since the Hornby 'Hymek' and the Lima Class 33.
  8. I agree with Noel - Support your local Sherriff. I have bought a lot of my British stuff over the years from Rails and Hattons ( mainly because of the vast choice available ) but all the Irish stuff that I have has been got from Model Shop Belfast, Grahams in Portlaoise ( both regrettably now closed ) and Marks Models. Thanks to MM and IRM we have an amazing selection of quality models and many more to come. We have come along way from my Lima CIE supertrain with the class 33 in the 1970s. We are blessed we still have a great model shop - Marks Models in Dublin and Cork. I know where I will getting my 121s from - regardless of price !
  9. Great video, Wexford 70. Lovely seeing Rosslare Harbour as it was. I arrived there last Sunday and was literally spat out on to the platform to fend for myself. The place is dead now, I do not even bring a camera there anymore. Well done on a superb video.
  10. Edo, just slip them in among the other bubbles ' customs' will never notice the latest ones
  11. Fully agree with you Fishplate. I have got quite a lot of stuff from Tom and I have been very pleased with them. We are blessed that we now have such a variety of quality Irish models.
  12. Fantastic news, a long last . Now I wonder what livery 134 will be in ?
  13. ak425


    Totally unexpected knock at the door and I was handed a package. Fantastic. The Taras look amazing. Well done IRM.
  14. Barl, at the rate IRM are producing stuff, I would just forget about the wedding altogether.
  15. Santa popped by this morning and left me 12 bubble wagons. Absolute stunning models. Christmas has arrived in South Dublin on November 17th.
  16. I hope the timber wagons are okay !
  17. Another way of finding them is using street views on Google Earth. It is a torturous way of doing it and will require a lot of patience but you will get there.
  18. My ballast wagons arrived this morning. One word - AMAZING. Well done to Irish Railway Models.
  19. Just when Irish Railway Modelling is booming, we hear of one of our main suppliers closing. A sad Christmas. Thanks for everything Seamus.
  20. A lovely line and I have great memories of that final trip in July 1982 when we travelled to Ballinacourty behind 041. On that day I got my first footplate between Kilmeaden and Carroll's Cross.
  21. Bleach Green is an amazing layout. Would be great to see it at the October show some time.
  22. I fully agree with you Skinner. I really look forward to running one with a 141 , with the 141 leading of course.
  23. England now clear favourites, it is now out of '' Joe's Leinster's '' control. England will know exactly what the need when they kick off next Saturday. Warren Gatland once more the thorn in our side.
  24. That is good to hear Wrenneire after some of the negative vibes we have been hearing over the past week. 088 is waiting to hook up when they arrive next week.
  25. Fully agree with all you have said Noel. I have let all the previous superb Mark 2d liveries go by me as my preference is the original supertrain livery. We all have our preferences and thankfully we have all had the choice to get what we all want. Like all the locos and coaches that has gone before, a huge well done to Paddy Murphy. How times have changed since my Lima class 33 and Mark 2s in the '70s.
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