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  1. Well that's a good news day, well done all
  2. Hi Guys, I will be putting my Lima 201/mk3 box set up for sale on ebay in the new year, in the January sales!!! I thought I would give you guys the heads up, before I put it on. Starting bid will be £0.99, do you think I should put a reserve on it? The 201 has never been run, it is on display (picture attached, with Murphy models 201) I'll let you know when it is going on ebay. Happy Christmas!
  3. Railtec do the snail, link below https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=767
  4. We have only spare 68 on Chiltern, which is kept at Chiltern's Wembley depot. So if you fail, the loco can be put in front of the DVT or attached to the failed loco, all depends where you have failed and what end is easier to get to. Like the Irish network, we don't have the luxury of 4 track working. Touch wood, it has'nt happened yet!!!!
  5. If it's like our Class 68's on Chiltern, then the failed loco is dead hauled, in the case of a 68, you isolate a few cocks in the clean air compartment. Then drive from the DVT as normal.
  6. This is the problem Mr Murphy and the UK Model companies have, they get their product made in the far east and are basically put at the back of the queue, Hornby and Bachmann have projects on hold/delayed for ages. You have to feel sorry for the man! I suppose it gives us time to save!!!
  7. Ah! I shall try that. If I manage to get it off i'll replace the coupler with the roco or hornby close coupler.
  8. Hi lads, Does anyone know how to remove the coupler of the MK2D coaches? I thought it was a NEM coupler, but can't for the life of me get the thing out? The reason for taking out the coupler is that I am displaying the coaches and want them buffered up properly!
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