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MM Class 141

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2 hours ago, Fowler4f said:

I managed to purchase No.145 IE on EBay, (1) is Cab No.1 at the radiator end. (2) Do you need to remove all hand rails to remove body ? Thanks.

1) don't know

2) No you don't need to remove the hand rails to remove the body. Two wooden ice cream sticks ideal to squeeze and pinch the body sides inwards until the locking lugs release and the prize the body up and away from the walkway. Recommend do NOT attempt to remove the hand rails cause you'll never get them back neatly on without damage. Some of them are glued in. The hand rail ends easily pop out of the cab ends using a tweezers or cocktail stick.



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19 hours ago, BEANO3005 said:

If I remember correctly, Cab 2 is the radiator end on the real ones with the noisy drive shaft and cab 1 is the Electrical control cabinet. 

Yes, the opposite way around to MetroVicks, which are radiator end No.1 and Electrical Cubicles at No.2.

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The way it has been clarified for me is that on the 12" to 1ft prototype as preserved, there is a Murphy Models plaque on the left-hand side of No. 1 end [Cab No. 1].  This is shown on the MM 4mm to 1ft MM model and in layman's terms can be described as, Cab No 1 is at the short handrail end.  That description can then be applied to all 141 models from MM.

That begs the question, Is there a similar consideration for other locos?  And, that in turn brings things to the A-Class which has a cab #1 and cab #2.  Which is which, and 'out of the box' which cab will lead out as forward when the LokSound chip is fitted? 
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