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Stillorgan Park Hotel

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Incorporating Chris Dyer Fairs

Established in 1979


Tel/Fax: 01643 702757 6, Ponsford Road,

Mobile: 07966 694579 Minehead,


e-mail:dyer@minehead46.freeserve.co.uk TA24 5DX.

Website: http://www.chrisdyerfairs.co.uk'>http://www.chrisdyerfairs.co.uk


Dublin contact: Dave Bracken 086 8798330


November 2012


PRESS RELEASE............


The Stillorgan Park Hotel, Stillorgan. Dublin. (Main N11 route).

Saturday 8th. December 2012 - 10.30am to 3pm.


The very first “feast” for toy & train collectors is taking place on Saturday 8th. December at the top Stillorgan Park Hotel, alongside the Nll route to Wexford, in South Dublin, between 10.30am and 3pm and the show is already fully booked. Traders from all over Ireland plus some from the North and others from the UK are attending this major event and no less than 80 tables will be in operation, offering a massive range of goods, old and new, with a great many bargains on offer.


Such names as Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, EFE, Hornby, Bachmann, Tri-ang, Wrenn, Lima and many, many more will feature and also doll collectors will be catered for as well as model-related books being on offer. Some of the model railway retailers will also be offering the ever-growing ranges of Irish-based models and these days, unlike some years ago, there is a great deal available for the modeller and collector of the Irish model railway and transport scene.


This all-new event is planned to be the first of regular shows at this great venue (350 free parking spaces at the rear of the hotel and catering available throughout) and the plans were given fresh impetus recently when the co-organizers of the former Dublin Toyfair at the Clontarf Castle Hotel, announced their retirement and the ending of all of their future events, with immediate effect. As a result, this new venture will now take place three times each year, in order to bridge the gap which has resulted and the next show is scheduled for Sunday 17th. February.


Organizer Chris Dyer said this week, “We have high hopes for this completely new Dublin show and it is taking place in a very good area of the city. We have attracted stall-holders who have not been seen at such events for some time and we hope to create a really happy and good atmosphere with the main emphasis on value-for-money”.


Website: http://www.chrisdyerfairs.co.uk

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List of traders

I am not sure what everyone sells so if you know someone on the list in AOB can you tell me what they sell please


Railway 00 HO N & O

Chris Dyer

Sean Ryan

Bob Gregson

Jim Downham

Walter Oberle

Des McGlynn ( & Books)

Dougal McFarlane

Terry McNally

Jim Casey

Ed Fahey

Martin Grey

Bill Quick

Jack Dziworski

Mike Walker

Dave Lindfield

Richard OHalloran


Die Cast

Des Cooney

Mick Lennon

Nigel Crofts Greene

Diarmud Byrne ( & Books)

Michael Dryhurst

Steve Duwell

Declan OReilly



Martin Reynolds

Brian Kelly

Martin Hennessy

Una OGrady (Dolls)

Gerry Smith

Sean Doyle

Sandra McDowell

Eric Downey

Liam Byrne

John Edge

Gerry Cuddihy

Noel Keenan

Gerard Murray

Anne OLeary

Owen Kelly

Tony Gallagher

Joe McCluskey

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George, my own personal experience is that the show is well worth going to and has improved greatly over the years. Depends what you are looking for, I’ve picked up lots of small unusual items in the second hand bins, especial vehicles and accessories. Lots of new items also, but no cheaper than what you would buy online.

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1 hour ago, Georgeconna said:

Ta m8, could do with a reccie as I could do with pawning off some stuff myself. Loads of Plastic that I need to lighten the loft along with other bits n bobs. pity its south side, could get in some Plane spotting afters if it were nearby by.




Hi George

Diarmuid of Weirpark Books who will be there, has a lot of Plane kits, he recently purchased a huge collection and there is a great selection. I picked up an X1 at the Bray Train & Model Fair last Sunday off him and there's a few more that I fancy- Plane Spotting at Stillorgan.....


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5 hours ago, Georgeconna said:

Many Fellas Selling plastic kits up there Dave or it most Trians and Diecast Stuff?



Weirpark Books, Kieran the Soldier-man & Edward White to name three do plastic kits, there are a few others that have kits sometimes but I don't know their names.

Weirpark & Edward can be contacted on facebook to check their stock


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