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Ballyvoile Viaduct

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I've seen a few great photos of the viaduct in Martin Bairstow's latest instalment, and I have the goo on me to build it, just for the craic really. Anybody got any up close shots of this fella, or photos looking down along the track? I'm assuming it was a single track viaduct, about 16ft wide??? I have the elevations of the steel sections and concrete supports done, and would be happy to post them up, but I'm a bit stuck on the cross-section. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Richie.



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I sent a few photos of my own to Ciarans Eiretrains site.

Some photos are of my own showing track intact on the

Viaduct and some are of David Parks photos of the Weed

Killer train during the 80s.Some photos are shown on a

piece I did on "Waterford-Ballinacourty line revisited

Last year on this site.I have more photos in the collection

That I can post up If you want.I think the Eiretrains photos

appear on the Durrow section.

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As Eamonn says, the old photos are by David Parks, and closer ones are of his own which he kindly sent for the Eiretrains website. I was travelling to West Cork to photograph the CBSCR system so I didn't have time to explore viaduct, but I do have a closer view of the whole structure that's not displayed on the website, if it's of any use I could send this photo, just give an email address to send to.;)

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If you are in the area the viaduct can be accessed

from the right hand side near the roadway via a

small path.During the 90s I was able to walk from

the viaduct back on the tracks for about a mile to

Ballyvoyle tunnel,while last Summer it was blocked

with bushes and briars.I had to travel to the other

of the tunnel where it meets the roadway near a pub

and walk back to the tunnel.Very wet and overgrown

and Wellies were the order of the day.

I stopped to think at the tunnel and it was very hard

to picture 146 light engine and EM50 passing here

in May 1990 such is the distruction.

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Eamonn & Co.,


Many thanks lads for the responses, it seems I needed only look at your thread Eamonn and I would have been sorted for what I needed. It's a bit of a beast of a thing - 1300mm long and 360mm high, and if I get the bridge and the weedspray done, I might be able to recreate that photo in 00!:P When google comes up short, ask here!


0602 - Ballyvoile Viaduct-Forum.jpg


Here's the drawings if anyone else fancies a scratchbuild. I've shown a single deck detail, which needs to be copied four times, or more if you fancy! The drawing is A1 in size and plotted off makes a build template. If anyone needs a physical copy, just shout.





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