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!5mm scale Tralee and Dingle 3T in GSR Grey

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Very good indeed. Is this the same person, I wonder, who has that G scale "C" class featured here a few days ago ?


Yes, this is the same person Neil Ramsey.

The ''C'' class is made to 15mm scale 1:20.3 (3ft gauge on 45mm track).

The C class and cattle wagon were made for transferring cattle to the narrow gauge and this would show the difference between irish broad gauge and narrow gauge.

On page 38 of the current issue of Garden Rail 213 you can see Neil's work and the the difference between broad & narrow gauge cattle wagon.

Check out Neils youtube videos under the name '' neilr3 '' .



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3T seems to be one of a batch produced by John Campbell a professional model builder who also produces wagon and coach kits. His work is sometimes featured in New Irish Lines and on U Tube.


Neil Ramsey and several others also seems to have one or two!



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John Cambell made the T&D engine. When I meet John in Telford a few years back he was making a batch of ten T&D engines and the cost £2500. These are 15mm scale. models and propelled by live steam using lighter fuel.

John makes his own patterns for the castings,turns his own wheels and photo etches.

Check out the Clogher Valley tractor engine on neilr3 youtube. This is a Colin Binnie geared vertical steam motor.

You can start small with a IP Engineering T&D rail car or pick up kit for £82. Have a look at his wagon kits nice & easy.


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