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Phoenix forays on the Donegal

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David Holman


The Donegal was noted for mainly using a brake 3rd coach at the end of its freight trains, but when Phoenix went off on its forays (mainly to pick up wagons from the border), was a brake van of some sort included and if not, was a guard present and if so, did he travel on the loco?

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12 hours ago, David Holman said:

Thought as much. Have also wondered if the CVR Unit had actually been used by the Donegal, whether one of two of the former's brake vans would have gone with it, to make lightweight goods possible.

According the E M Patterson "The Unit" was sold to the CDJR without its engine. The cab was used to replace that of the original railcar, after collision damage sustained in Strabane Yard -----------Clogher Valley Book.

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There are records of Phoenix operating as far as Fintown on the Glenties branch on various fair days if the demand outstripped the railcars capacityi have been told that she was occasional employed at Killybegs  shunting coal trains when the coal boat arrived but havn't seen any evidence of that.Andy. 

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