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Containers: OOCL

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Dapol have a twinpack out (4F-028-170 / 4F-028-171) with two 40' / 12,2m HighCube 9'6" / 2,9m containers, an OOCL and an APL:


On looking closer, the print layers on the APL container don't line up, and the print looks more Crapol than Dapol on both.

I've expressed my disappointment with their hit and miss printing several times so won't go into it again here.

I contacted Dapol previously about the MOL disasters, and they were open and honest about not going back to the better print quality of the past, which was good enough for me.

I'm still tempted to buy a pack to see how they are in person.


Dapol did a twinpack (B775E) with their previous print quality, OOCL and CMA CGM, and despite the body-coloured locking bars, they look very good:


Both are 40' / 12,2m HighCube 9'6" / 2,9m containers according to the ISO codes.


@Arran of C-Rail Intermodal has 20' / 6,1m x 8'6" / 2,6m OOCL containers in stock, and they look far better:



I read that @Arran did 40' OOCL containers in the distant past but none show up on the forum after searching.


Everest Model do both 40' / 12,2m HighCube 9'6" / 2,9m and 20' / 6,1m x 8'6" / 2,6m OOCL containers, in 1:48 scale.

Not as large as 1:43 scale, but very nicely detailed containers:




USA Trains did them in 1:29 scale / G Scale.


Diecast Masters do / did them in 1:50 scale.


Atlas did them in 1:48 scale / O Gauge.


Lionel did a reefer in 1:48 scale / O Gauge.


Athearn, Herpa, Wiking, Modellbahn.blog, Everest Model, Walthers, and Inter Mountain all do / did them in 1:87 scale / HO Gauge.


Fox Valley Models do / did them in N Gauge.


Everest Model do them in 1:160 scale / N Gauge, with magnets.


Rokuhan do / did them in 1:220 scale / Z Gauge.







Dapol OOCL 40 04.jpg

Dapol OOCL 40 03.jpg

Dapol OOCL 40 05.jpg

Dapol OOCL 40 06.jpg

Dapol OOCL 40 02.jpg

Dapol OOCL 40 01.jpg




Everest OOCL 40.jpg

Everest OOCL 20 01.jpg

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The printing on the Dapol OOCL and APL looks poor.

With twin packs you get one you want and one you don't, I like to buy mine individually.

Perhaps Arran might do a rerun of the 40ft OOCL.

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