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You lads gotta hear this!

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a while back i asked gareth in the modelshop belfast, if he could produce a slow start up for the 071 sound chip, and i got a favourable responce. after a bit of tinkering and a short wait, here is the result - something a little different to add a bit of realism to the fleet...as in the real thing! now turn up the volume and enjoy!


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Great vid! Now if I could just crack getting the lights to dim in sequence to the engine turnover I'd have it exactly the way I want it.


Btw for those who haven't heard the new 071 decoders we've changed quite a bit on them from the original 071 decoders. New horns (as heard in Seamus's video) new engine recordings, all new wheel flange squeal. 071 decoders come with IE station announcements (special mention goes to Wiggy and his excellent videos for the IE announcements) and 111 decoders come with NIR announcements.


Will do a new sample video for the decoders soon.

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