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More "Obsolete" Irish from Sheffield

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Beware, though their price for the genny van is bizarre -£99.50 - an error, surely.



I don't think its an error. Everybody who did not buy a MkII genny in former times has now a problem if he wants to have an adequate EGV for the announced MkII coaches. As a result the prices of the gennies are quite high now, at least that's my impression. About the 201s: I know its rather a question of what pleases whom but the difference in price to ehattons is only 7 p. stg, so I don't see a real sensation. And we all got to know more than one time that Irish local dealers mostly can't offer prices like these big stores do. Looking at Graham's modelshop.ie, some of the 201s are only 10 EUR more, which could be a reason to go local, doesn't it? But in the end everyone has to decide on his own. Neverthelsess I agree to Anthony.

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