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Mk3 coaches cie

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Yea I have hornby coaches from 1988 lol


Theres a fella on you tube EWS 60008 who added centre sections to the older hornby coaches to get scale length mk3's but i don t think its the best way to go. The lima coaches are easier to repaint as the roof with glazing pops out of the body which makes masking off a lot easier.

If your looking for egv's silverfox do rtr or kit ones, Studio Scale models do egv kits which just require a donor mk 3 and a bit of patience to do the conversion. For paints phoenix do the correct orange in a tin or a local autofactors will mix the colour for you, just ask for ral 2011, normal matt or satin black will do for for the black stripe.

For decals Studio scale models offer a set for a whole rake and do white stripe decals too, railtec offer the same.

For inspiration look at shinkansens workbench as he done probably the best rake i ve seen in a long time.

If you need any other help along the way just ask :D

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The old Hornby MK111's are completely fictious as has been said. They are missing one complete seating bay. The underframe cabinets are wrong, and the bogies are woeful. The newer Hornby MK111's are scale lenght and based on HST coaches, they are flush glazed also. The Lima coaches have their advantages and disadvantages. Non flush glazing, poor bogies, they do however capture the overall shape of the coaches better than the Hornby equivalent. Jouef are also scale lenght and based on loco hauled MK111's and are also a bit of a mixed bag.


Southern Pride Models produce flush glazing and fantastic bogie sides in white metal for Lima coaches and they are really good as an upgrade for the coaches. Shawplan also produce flush glazing and excellent etched window frames for MK111's. Whatever road you choose to go down, good luck and keep us posted.



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