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it could have turned even more nasty if someone fired a few rounds into the tanker.... kiss goodbye to the few houses in front of the barricks!:(


About 10 years ago a guy managed to blow himself up working on a truck with a concealed fuel tank at a garage somewhere in Monaghan.


The truck was a beaver tail transporter with a full length tank under the transporter body, it looks like the victim was welding and didnt bother to purge the tank beforehand, everyone involved disappeared into the background, or knew nothing about the tank. The HSA and Gardai investigated it was not counted as a workplace death as there no ILO Code for criminal activity

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Its the mess after the laundered fuel that is discovered dumped beside streams and in lay bys. Its a vicious circle as the price of the legal stuff just encourages production of the dodgy stuff and every time HMRC shut one down two open up.

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