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New Member says hello...and a question about Lima class 201 No 207

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Hello All,


Firstly I'd like to say I'm delighted to join what seems like a friendly and knowledgeable group. I've been picking your collective brains anonymously on queries CIE/IR/IE for a while now so decided I really ought to become 'official' and join.

No doubt I'll have loads of queries. I'm building a layout set around 1979-94 or so based on the premise that Donegal had and kept a mainline which runs from Derry around to (eventually) Sligo via Letterkenny which is where my layout is set. A free hand with the station track plan, a wide selection of stock available and with a plausible excuse (to me at least) to run frequent NIR stuff as well.


Secondly, a question. I have recently acquired Lima 207 (don't panic, I have a MM Bachman IE example too; it's the early Enterprise livery that does it). At one end it carries the name 'River Boyne' - which you'd expect - but at the other it is named 'Abhainn na Life' rather than 'Abhainn na Bóinne'. I believe the loco named 'River Liffey' was actually no. 206. I think there was a production error on this one and I wondered if anyone has come across this before with this or any other class member?

Grateful for any insight.



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LT300001 River Boyne came with the Abhainn Na Life plate on all of its locos

When I first saw it I thought mine was the only one until I acquired a few more

List of 201's with their names etc



201 River Shannon Abhainn Na Sionaine

202 River Lee Abhainn Na Laoi

203 River Corrib Abhainn Na Coiribe

204 River Barrow Abhainn Na Bearu

205 River Nore Abhainn Na Feoire

206 River Liffey Abhainn Na Life

207 River Boyne Abhainn Na Boinne

208 River Lagan Enterprise

208 N.I.R. Blue

209 River Foyle Enterprise

209 N.I.R. Blue

210 River Erne Abhainn Na Eirne

211 River Suck Abhainn Na Suca

212 River Slaney Abhainn Na Slaine

213 River Moy Abhainn Na Mhuaide

214 River Brosna Abhainn Na Brosnai

215 River Avonmore An Abhainn More

216 River Dodder Abhainn Na Dothra

217 River Flesk Abhainn Na Fleisce

218 River Garavogue Abhainn Na Garbhoige

219 River Tolka Abhainn Na Tolcann

220 River Blackwater An Abhainn Dubh

221 River Fealge Abhainn Na Feilge

222 River Dargle Abhainn Na Dargaile

223 River Anner Abhainn Nah Ainnire

224 River Feale Abhainn Na Feile

225 River Deel Abhainn Na Daoile

226 River Suir Abhainn Na Siuire

227 River Laune Abhainn Na Leamhna

228 River Owenea An Abhainn Bui

229 River Maine Abhainn Na Mainge

230 River Bandon Abhainn Na Bandan

231 River Maigue Abhainn Na Maighe

232 River Cummeragh Abhainn Na Chomaraigh

233 River Clare Abhainn Na Chlair

234 River Aherlow Abhainn Nah Eatharlai

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