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If you're going to lose the plot, you may as well go the whole hog...



'Premier Inn guest hurled racist abuse with fire extinguisher hose up his bottom'




Small also urinated on the carpet before a hotel worker wrapped him in a towel and escorted him down to reception.
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My point is we have young members looking at this site


No, that's not the point you made at all. Furthermore, the link above is to a news report, and the story is reported in news-like fashion. There is no content within it that can be classified as graphic or offensive.


At this point I'd advise you read up on the forum's rules, which include this:


[11] If you note an issue that contravenes this policy document, please use the 'report post' facility located towards the bottom left of each post. This will bring the issue to the attention of the moderators, who will review it. Please avoid posting on the topic in an attempt tackle the issue yourself.



If you wish to discuss this issue further, take it up directly by private message with either Boskonay, Warbonnet or myself.

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And now for something completely different...


'To ride the Moscow subway for free, do 30 squats'



Riders have two minutes to perform the deep-knee bends in front of a special machine that can tell if they're assuming the correct position.
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