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Ghost town for sale!

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I thought it was only the americans that done big trains.does look a good opportunity.


Otira is a bit like Keddie on the Western Pacific a railway ghost town that never quite made it as a holiday resort.


The town and hotel came on the market when the electrified operation through the tunnel ceased in the late 1990s.



The main draw back is that Arthurs Pass at the top of the pass is much better sited and gets most of the trade, the Hotel only fills up when the road through the pass is blocked with ice and snow.

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I stayed in the Hotel once it was an interesting experience


That's a very diplomatic way of putting it John ;) Stopped in to the hotel once for a cup of tea. It was on one of my 'civilisation breaks' enroute to Christchurch so used to pass through quiet a bit!

Otira is not a town you'd be too inclined to linger. Plenty houses alright, and you have Coal traffic and the TranzAlpine passing through. But no shop, lack of sunlight cos of the high mountains, being nearly 1000 meters above sea level with a good chance of getting snowed in during winter...err no thanks.

You'd have to be a fairly unique individual to take on a project like that!


Cool videos by the way.... thanks for posting. Those coal trains are somthing else when you got 4-5 engines consisting (is that the word?) going at full tilt up the Pass.


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the Hotel only fills up when the road through the pass is blocked with ice and snow.


Is it any wonder, judging by the state of it from the photos in the property listing? :P


Given a revamp and marketed properly, it could be viable proposition... Harsh winters notwisthanding.

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