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MM Class 141 with DCC sound

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I posted a little tutorial on my workbench the other day showing the installation of sound into 142, here's a little video of the end result.

The decoder is a Loksound V4 that I ordered from Olivia's Trains in the UK. The sound file they used is basically the same one Murphy Models use

for their 071 decoder, the file is free to download from the ESU website for anybody with a Lokprogrammer. I had the idea of using this sound file for a 141 and just changing the prime mover sound for an EMD 567 from another file which Olivia's Trains did for me and I think it worked out well, the first part of the video shows the engine start up and runs through some of the other sounds and the rest is just 142 doing some shunting in my freight yard. The "notch up/down" feature makes it a lot of fun to drive. Enjoy!


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Cheers! Me thinks I'll get one.


Like I said mine was made using the decoder file for the 071 which is file no. 97431 on the ESU website, I just asked them to replace the prime mover sound with the one from

file number 74436 which uses the EMD 567. It's a 16 cylinder rather than an 8 cylinder which was fitted to the 141's but as you can see it sounds fine. Remember they can give the decoder any engine sound you like. I was thinking of getting another decoder with the 8 cylinder 645 which was fitted in the 181's, they have that exact engine type listed on the site. Here's the link - http://www.esu.eu/en/downloads/sounds/generation-4/ the 071 and 201 decoders are listed under "soundfiles for specific locomotives", the 567 engine sound was under "soundfiles for US locomotives for common usage and all gauges". There are sound samples for each file that you can listen to.


I also got them to assign other sounds to different function buttons, just for my own convenience. This was especially handy with the "notch up/down" features which are assigned to function keys 18 and 19 on the 071 sound file. I had them assigned to function keys 4 and 5. Have a look at the profile for the 071 and get them to re-assign the function keys if it suits you. They can arrange them any way you like. Once I ordered the decoder it was shipped that same day!


Hope that helps.

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Sounds fantastic! Do you have the MSB decoder as well?...and if you do, how does it compare? I have a 141 decoder on the way from MSB but now I hope it's not a mistake having heard the sample of the EMD 567 on the Loksound site. I discovered this clip only days after ordering from MSB...


MSB's 141 chips are excellent (I already have 3 of them!) and the sounds are top quality, probably better recordings than the ESU. Remember, MSB's chips are recorded from an actual 141 (which sounds like a 645 engine rather than the 567) while the ESU's are taken from an American loco. I just fancied having a bit of variety on my layout and got this chip made up as an experiment. Olivia's Trains have an excellent reputation but to be honest I wasn't sure how the chip would turn out!


One thing which the ESU chip does have over the MSB chip is the notch up/down feature. (Although I'm sure MSB could do this if it was requested.)

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