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Ex CIE 'Naomh' Eanna for the breaker's torch

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From the Naomh Eanna trust.


We have just been talking to Waterways Ireland about the developments that have happened in the last few months. The ship itself has become a major hazard for everyone involved as she is taking on water through her decks.

The graving dock at the eastern end of the basin are being opened now and next week the Naomh Eanna will be towed into the dock to be dismantled in the next two weeks. Although she is still afloat at Charlotte Quay, both businesses have vacated the ship and she is now without power and Waterways Ireland have taken her over from her owners.


For us to save her, we would need to meet the 100,000 euro costs of Waterways Ireland by next week and then get permission from NAMA who are managing the graving dock in order for her to stay in drydock until repairs can be carried out. Insurance would also need to be placed on the ship immediately and with no survey we wont get any insurance.


Unfortunately it looks as if our efforts over the past nine years have failed and she will meet her end in the coming weeks. Some items will be salvaged from the ship and kept by the Nautical Trust and ourselves as a reminder of the once great ship that served so many islanders for so many years.



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Absolutely, Minister. Railways, boats, canals and old buildings.... when you look at what is routinely achieved in Britain, and far more importantly the public support it gets, we are very much in second place here.


It's the same old story of "Love the idea, but someone else can pay for it."

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Correct, Horsetan.


I would be a multi millionaire if I had just one red cent for every time I had heard an enthusiast in this country say, "why does the RPSI / ITG / DCDR / whatever not preserve X, it's just rotting away, scandalous."


The answer every time is; you want it preserved, yes, good idea, you do it; don't sit there and talk. Worse, don't lecture already hard pressed voluntary bodies who you might not even be a member of, how do to what you want them to do.


That said, many such expressions of interest are well meant, but it's not easy to just go out and "preserve" something!


Interesting to see the comments by boat enthusiasts on the "Naomh Eanna". They seemed like a carbon copy of the railway equivalents above!


As you say.....

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