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A4 mallard Model in OO for £2.99 !

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Saw it in Asda (Norn Iron) this evening. Can't say I was blown away by it. Seemed like a toy, poorly painted, and considering that its probably the easiest shaped BR to work on given the lack of detail, I'd be worried about detail on forthcoming models.


On the upside though, if one is partial to the surgeons saw and cutting up models to make irish prototypes, I can think of no cheaper nor easier way to acquire tenders, smokebox doors, cab details, fireboxes, chimneys and domes for a song, if the models after the third are actually produced. Will pick up a copy tomorrow for a goo.

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I picked up one in Easons during the week for €4.00, I only opened the box this morning;-


Very poor assembly- glue and finger prints all over the place and warped plastic.

Poor paint finish.

Bogie wheel missing.

Plastic louvre missing on front splasher.

Very poor wheel castings with flash between the spokes.


A4M-01 IMAG1130.jpg


A4M-02 IMAG1131.jpg


A4M-03 IMAG1132.jpg


A4M-04 IMAG1133.jpg


A4M-05 IMAG1135.jpg


A4m-06 IMAG1137.jpg


A4M-07 IMAG1134.jpg


Not great at all but still worth €4.00. I bought it with the same idea as Dunluce Castle, something to goof with and if you make a mess it did not cost much!



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Best comment on that thread... " It is excellent value for money. I am not sure why I bought it as I already have a working model of Mallard and my flat is cluttered with locomotives. I don't even model the LNER."

Thankfully we don't suffer from that "too much choice" problem :dig:

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