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New 'largest model railway' opens in the UK

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I have to say I commend him for time and effort, but the result doesn't justify it. Even "chequebook" modelling can sometimes look fine, if perhaps occasionally soulless, but I say each to their own; like others though, I just don't like it at all. There are "28 trains" - few if any are visible in the pics, though given the overall effect, they would add little to it. And "28 trains" are a very small number for a layout this size, anyway. It's like a huge Lego toy.


However... good luck to him....


If he ever logs into IRM, he will have his eyes well opened.... The standards of modelling on so much seen here, made by members here, both layouts and stock, have to be seen to be believed. The only thing that must have to be seen to be believed on yer man's layout is the hole in his bank account.....

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Correct, Boskonay....


The Hamburg thing looks amazing. And while we all have our opinions on this (above) actual layout, and the concept of "cheque book modelling", I would be the greatest believer in "each to their own". Anyone here who knows me would be aware that I find accuracy in the appearance of model locos and rolling stock to be the most important thing, but others would differ. I know of at least two modellers for whom accuracy of track layout in a model of a specific location is paramount. Others go for an overall "look", or none at all.


At the end if the day, it's our layout, and if we want to run a set of hopelessly inaccurately painted De Dietrichs round a model of a German station, hauled by an out-of-scale Donegal 2.6.4T painted in GNR blue, and with a NCC "brown van" attached to the back along with a fertiliser bogie in lined LMS livery, nobody can tell us not to!


So, again, hats off to the creator of this huge behemoth of a layout. He has put his heart and soul into something he enjoys, and wants to share it. All of that is good - very good - and if it attracts just one five year old to the hobby, he's done us all a service.


It's just not MY thing at all...!

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