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CIE orange

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Quick question.


Is supertrain (golden/brown) orange the same as black and tan,tan?


Having stirred a couple of pots of phoenix supertrain, and referencing photos of the black and tan era I'm not convinced that both paint and colour film can equally desaturate to produce so many distinct shades. JHB?


Bit of a thick question. Apologies.

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Not at all a thick question, Glenderg, as there were variations.


The initial shade had a distinctly brownish tint. In fact CIE officially referred to it as "golden brown" (although it wasn't really brown at all). This lasted throughout the black'n'tan period and well into the post-1972 Supertrain period. A combination of a different type of paint and different techniques for applying it led to a slightly less tan tint by the mid 80s, though it wasn't a livery change as such. By the time the "tippex" livery (CIE with white stripes and original IE logo) appeared in 1987, and the Mk 3's were coming out (RIP), the most recent more bright orange shade appeared. Again, though, it wasn't an official livery change, just a different result of trying to achieve the same thing. All modellers will be well familiar with that!


When the DCDR was repainting the cabs of 146 recently, the old shades showed up. The difference was noticeable, but not huge.


In traffic, all shades weathered to a duller shade.

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I remember hearing that the SuperTrain livery looked more "orangey" because there was a far bigger area of that colour, but that is was just the same paint as the Black and Tan.

Also photos aren't always reliable sources, they are very variable, by way of development process, age etc. so that is maybe why it doesn't look quite like your paint

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