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Industrial railway action action.....

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These were taken at Coolnagun Co. Westmeath.


The first two are newly relaid track.




This looks like a mobile canteen



Loco with side jacks.




This is an odd looking wagon. It has a Massey Ferguson engine and chassis bolted to it and a trailer body on the same frame.




Level crossing


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Any idea what's the purpose of the machine that looks like a loco with hydraulic jacks?


The underframe looks very light for a loco. The yellow machine with caterpillar tracks, dozer blade and Hiab crane is used for preparing the trackbed and laying track, saw one operating at Boora in the 90s

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Compared to the loco pictured below the underframe does seem very light. I could not see any number on it to look it up to get some details on it.. I also have no idea what the tractor body mounted on the wagon frame is for but I suspect it's a power source but I probably am wrong. I posted the photos of the track to show the underlay which was only recently put down. The track was lifted and put back on the underlay. Maybe it's to stop it sinking into the soft ground.

The mainroad runs right by the site as you can see from the level crossing. I posted these photos as they seem like local designs to suit local conditions, Could'nt see Irish Rail staff using a mobile canteen like the one featured above in the original post!


Here are some close ups of the loco






Standard loco - if there is such a thing!


It was made by Hunslet in 1984, works number 9256. It weighs 9 tons and it has a Ford 2725 6 cylinder engine. Transmission is hydraulic with Clarke 28000 series torque converter. Horse power is given as 115hp.




Here is a close up of the Massey on the wagon



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