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The crash report is something else - cut to the chase, no pages of waffle. The lack of innovative projects like Drumm trains on Irish railways today is one of my pet annoyances. In the days of the Drumm train they recharged at night. Today, presumably, battery technology has improved, there's excess capacity in the grid at night that could be utilised but has there been any interest in the technology.

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My father great man for conspirancy theoies used to say that the Drumm Trains were "sabotaged" off the rails. I am not sure if he was thinking about the Sandycove de-railment or the DUTC shutting down Drumm train operation when it took over the GSR :confused:


The whole saga of the Drumm Trains seems to have been initially tied up with the Shannon Scheme the ESB providing special discounted electricity rates and the Dail voting substantial money for battery development for trains A&B. Things had changed by the mid 30s with the ESB charging the standard rate and the GSR taking on the entire risk in building the final Drumm Battery Trains C&D.


C&D introduced 1939 only lasted less than 10 years in service. C&D had a much more modern appearance compared to the earlier units with rounded cabs and steel framed bodies similar in styling to the Bredin main line and suburban coaches.


The main draw back seems to have been short battery life (difficulty in obtaining nickel) though services were also affected by restricted ESB hydro generating capacity during the Emergency

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The ESB brought out a commemorative booklet a few years ago, there was a piece in it when one of the first Drumm sets was demonstrated to Dev and govt big-wigs, the meet and greet was cut short, hence the batteries didn't get enough time to recharge fully. The technicians weren't 100% sure whether the unit would make it back to Dublin or stall before reaching its destination. In the event it got back (just about) rolling in under gravity alone for the last few yards.


Interesting mentioning sabotage and conspiracy theories, the big GSWR compound Sir William Goulding was alledged to have been tampered with, performance-wise, to make the so-so new 400 class look better.

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