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Mike 84C

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Anyone dissapointed,like I am in the pointless duplication of models as anounced in the January BRM. Two certain and maybe three manufacture"s to release the Adams 4-4-2 tank. And the WR 1361 0-6-0 saddle tank. A thousand A class, 4/5 different liveries = 200/250 different models could we sell them all within this group? i want a green one! http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/images/smilies/attachment-1.gif

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I would be but neither of them appeal to me. Two class 71s on the other hand? Kerosene Castle and an 89 please!


On the other hand at least you have a choice between two and hopefully the competition will drive both of them to be the best they can possibly be.


And yes, a nice A class would be nice but we have gone over that ground so much recently, let's not trod down that path yet again!

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Interesting thread, but it shows the size of the market in the UK and interest in everything. Heljan alone cornered the market in Diesel Prototypes, Bachmann with their sublime Blue Pullman and what DJ Models and Rapido have planned the market will be good. Many years ago Lima said they would not make a model unless it was possible to release it in 3 prototype models - does not seem to be the case anymore. The Heljan Class 16 marked the last mainline diesel model to be made in OO scale, now everything is a duplicate of one kid or another

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