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Wanted: Skaledale Twin Rail Viaduct - Hornby R8572

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I need several more of these, which sadly are no longer available, as a stopgap until I acquire the skills necessary to scratch build the Chetwynd viaduct, which will hopefully eventually replace it. But for now, if you have any surplus to requirements please PM me.

I tried to search the RMweb site as a potential source but find it cumbersome. Any suggestions welcome.



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Thanks, Alan. eHattons is a great site for reference. I use it like a little encyclopedia as it almost always has a little image of the product. Unfortunately, this one is out of stock, they always list whether it's actually in stock on the right-hand side. The good thing is the photos are still on there if you need to look at an image of something after it has sold out with them.

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Love the Scalescenes Kits myself and have tried a hand at a few. But keeping on topic what about the Wills SS80 Viaduct Kit?


Its currently out of stock I realise but could be got elsewhere if time is a factor. Plus there are additional parts that can be gotten. And the same applies to the Scalescenes Viaduct Arches also

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Hi Kevin.


There is a cheaper option here. A guy I use in England. He is retired and makes any model you want from a photograph. Made from 3 to 5 mm MDF and covered accordingly. I am sure if you gave him sizes etc he would do a great job on the viaduct. Great value as well Kevin. Check out his Facebook site "scale model buildings" His name is Terry Ottley.


Might be worth a shot!

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