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Hi All,


Im a long time on looker of this forum and have enjoyed viewing other peoples creations. I have recently bought a house and have had the opportunity to put together a small permanent layout. Its a basic 7 x4 roundie-roundie with a small fiddle yard. Needs more work, back scenes and detailing. The state of the layout matches my skill level (basic). Rolling stock consists of all the usual suspects.



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Hi roxyguy & welcome to the site, I think your the 4th new member to come on board today, so welcome, lots of stuff on here & lots of very helpful advice & suggestions, as always I tell new people coming on board the dust & abuse is free, I like that layout, something I do not have yet it's in the planning, still. !!! Of course you know what that means, keep us informed with lots of pics & videos, & a Happy New Year,

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Hi Roxyguy,

Are you happy with the roundie-roundie design and just want to finish to off, or ideally you'd like something different in time even if confined by the spare bedroom or wherever the layout is now. if you can't go out, you could go up. What you have looks good and most of the pieces could be reused in modified layout. A multilevel layout might be possible for you, even in this space and would add some additional room, variety and more fun. Set some longer term goals maybe? Are you on DCC?

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Hi again, thanks for your comments. As a child of the eighties I gre up looking at hornby layouts and track plans thinking that they were the bees knees, this probably effected my decision to build a roundie roundie. I can operate 4 locos at once, analogue control. I've quickly realised the limitations of a layout like this, I probably would have been better of with two lanes of track, rather than 4, and decent fiddle yard with better operational potential. That said, Im enjoying running stuff that's been in boxes for years. For now I'll probably finish the layout off and enjoy for a few years before rethinking the whole thing. Here are some more pics. Looking forward to contributing to the forum.








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Hi Guys, thanks gain for your comments. The layout is analogue. I have no plans yet to switch to DCC, but maybe in the future sometime. The black steam loco is a hornby dean goods repainted. I have a green woolwich, buts its a poor runner. Does anyone have any ideas on improving its performance?


The black guinness bus a guinness collectable and I think is still widely available.


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