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Valencia at Southampton!

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For any of you "in weeping exile" as the late Drew Donaldson used to say, next week's Southampton Exhibition has an Irish attraction.


The 21mm "Valencia" will be at Barton Peveril College, Chestnut Avenue, Eastleigh, Hampshire on Saturday / Sunday 24/5 January. I can recommend the exhibition anyway, even without the sight of J15s in wind-swept Valencai Harbour!


See -





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But Valencia's in Spain......


(Sorry; J runs for cover....)


Absolutely stunning layout, though. Very realistic.


Watch it, Beaumont!


I must admit I would have spelt it with a "t", but Patrick spells it ValenCia in the title of his book and he comes from that area - so he MUST be right?


I would tell you how the immortal Drew spelt it, but the timetable on his famous line was all in Irish!


Not to worry, Big Dave is sure to read this and put us BOTH right!

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The GSR was notorious for wrong spellings! Valencia is not what you'd normally get in Kerry but as Leslie and others mention, it did indeed crop up in railway circles as the photo proves (and which confirms, of course, the superb realism of the layout!). Drumshambo was a particular howler, and various railway-official versions of the Irish for Bray have been somewhat imaginative!

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