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MIR Drop Side cement Wagon.

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Hi Folks,


Only managed to cop only one model of these nice wagons and it came with no instructions is so I put it together using for photos garnered here and there from books and the web. However there are two pieces that for the life of me I cannot figure out where they fit so if any one has a copy of the instructions or could point out the location and put me out of my misery it would be forever grateful, A scan would be great:tumbsup:.


The two pieces are white metal yokes, I reckon they go on the rear end of the wagon...





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Cheers Guys, Was close mysely bu no cigar, Used the Bras instead of the white metal pieces. Doh. As usual you lads come up with the goods.


Now I can finish my siding queen as she has no friend to travel along with :(


Nice if MIR re released some of these wagons, Quick and simple to put together and they look the piece!


Thanks again guys.



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The IFM cement drop side and curtain.

I bought them as kits,drop side 22 euro and curtain side 18 euro without chassis.

I bought the Dapol rtr chassis which are very handy with the nem coupling

and run very well.The dapol prestwin chassis will fit as well if you want it to look better.The MIR kits are probably more detailed.



























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