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Irish N gauge projects

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Hi Guys,


I pretty new to this site although I have been watching it for a while since I came across it late last year. The standard of work contained within is just beyond words and the held / advice seems pretty good also.


It's been a long time since I last picked up a controller or did any modeling apart from the odd airfix kit here and there. So recently I dug out my old collection of N gauge and started to get to work on what I'd been planning for a long time, so here's a few pics of where I am... these are work in progress..:)

















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Welcome to the site IrishN.


Brilliant work there! It really is great to see someone else modelling modern image Irish.


Your use of the 350 Desiro unit as a donor for the 8500 dart unit is brilliant. That aspect is something that I love about modelling in N gauge & trying to figure out what can be used as a donor etc is half the fun! I used a 350 as a donor for a 29000 DMU where as you have used the same train to model a Dart! Your bus is a lovely job too.


Fantastic skillful work & keep the photos coming :-bd

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Thanks guys for all the positive comments really appreciate them. It's funny how the paint work can look great to the naked eye but under the lens it shows all the defects... must start spraying instead of brushing....


GarfieldsG the dart has a bit to go before it's finished and there's also two more carriages to complete, I'll post a bit more as it goes along.


Paul the 350 didn't need much work to convert nice runner and dcc ready too... the bus is a leyland atlantean from base toy needed to be cut and shut a bit but that's half the fun. I'll be doing a couple more, I'll take pics of the whole conversion and post when done, still need to sort out some DB decals.

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Hi Walter,


I have a small bit of Z myself but wouldn't have a suitable donor... not that crazy:) but you never know

your layouts are fantastic as Eoin said great sense of scale.


Closetmodeller thanks very much. Eoin praise indeed from the true master, it doesn't home a candle to your masterpiece, can't wait to see your N offering.

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