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"Bombs" disrupt Dover/Folkstone services.

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http://www.kentonline.co.uk/folkestone/news/bomb-halts-train-services-33593/ - Why do they always describe them as "unexploded"? If they had already exploded, then they wouldn't still be "bombs" and we wouldn't be worried about them exploding.


Using the phrase "dug up again" is slightly worrying.




Note - I have carefully avoided saying "bombs found by the railway in Kent", in case I inadvertently provoked the evacuation of Cork station.....

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At least they're not ten-ton Grand Slams...


Odd that they seem to have been found before, though..


We had a stick on the factory in WW2 and only one really went off, and nobody really knew how many there had been, either. Around 1985, we were digging a pit in the test area and hit an object about 15" diameter, where there was not supposed to be anything - it turned out to be an unknown, abandoned drain-pipe, but it was exciting for a while....

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