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Miscellaneous Signs and details

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Thanks for the complements guys. I actually just found a bunch of stuff on a backup cd that I thought I had lost so am sorting my way through that. More pics to follow.


That's great news Snapper I will wait for the next bunch in anticipation. There is already so much of the history of the railway lost to us, but we are preserving something of our own era that can be a resource for people in the future. If anyone has got any pics of mile posts viaducts and bridges get em up here please as it is important to have a record of these things to hand on to future generations of modellers and railway enthusuasts.



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This rather polite sign has appeared at Ballybrophy, in order to get the Mark 4 sets to make the best use of the platform length available, I presume.





There's also this new, padlocked clamp on the points on the Nenagh branch platform, now that running around is very rarely required, maybe only on the odd special once every few years...



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I've said it before, but I'm so glad I got back into the hobby in early 2006. So much changed in the following 20 months. I'm only sorry I didn't get a bigger memory card and take even more photos!!


Catching semaphore signals at Ennis was the most memorable. I got them with the light fading at 8pm on a Friday. Called down the next morning at 10:00 am and every shred of detail was gone as if it had never existed.


Moral is, if you see something, stop what you're doing and just photograph it. You never know when it'll be gone.

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