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Shunters Yard Compact Shelf-top Exhibition Layout OO gauge GWR outline DCC controlled

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I had started this thread some time ago but the photies got messed up. Hopefully this time they will stick.


Basically, following my efforts on exhibition layouts Ballybeg (OO gauge fictional Irish http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/109-Ballybeg ) and Llangollen (N gauge UK GWR/BR outline based on prototype http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/3054-Llangollen-in-N), I decided to have a go at a Compact/Micro/Book-shelf top/Minimum-space layout.


The dimensions decided on are 4 foot by 1 foot enabling the layout to be easily transported/set up for exhibition purposes and stored at home on a shelf over Ballybeg. I had purchased a Bachmann 64XX 0-6-0 tank loco as I had done the driver experience on this at Llangollen. I also had a 3-way point left over from previous projects and wanted to press this in to good use. A shunting layout has developed from this using Kadee couplers and under track magnets to enable remote shunting to be done. I used Ratio plastic kits for a change (I previously worked extensively with card kits from Alphagraphix or Metcalfe). I decided on GWR livery but the track plan could be used for a layout of any livery including Irish. Operation is by DCC with sound chip (courtesy of Mr Soundguy)located below the baseboard (given the small size of the loco) synchronised with a 6-pin chip on the loco itself.


First up, the baseboards. Note the openings at either end allowing rolling stock to be fed into the layout hidden by buildings at either end. The scenic area is 9 inches with the 3 inches behind the backscene left for holding the DCC Controller, operating points by push-rod, power for building/gas lamps, a DCC Programming track, rolling road and Kadee tester...






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Shunters Yard mainly features goods wagons being transferred around the sidings however, the passengers patiently waiting on the platform are catered for by the occasional appearance of a GWR auotocoach. This one was purchased second-hand at the SDMRC show and fitted with passengers, lighting and Kadees. The 64XX shunter has been detailed and driver figures added. These pictures show the models posing over Ferns Lock on Ballybeg.








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Passengers on Shunters Yard are also catered for by a GWR Railcar (Lima) purchased second-hand at SDMRC show in October. The model was cleaned up, converted to DCC with internal lights, passengers and drivers added and given a lick of satin varnish to emphasise the chocolate and cream livery. Here are a couple of shots of the results posing again on Ballybeg. Also include is comparative shot of a GWR Railcar in N gauge kindly given to me as a present which requires a new power chassis before being pressed into service on Llangollen in N...











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A couple more shots for the record... Note that mirrors are used at each end to provide an "infinity" perspective. Additionally, each end has a sliding mirror allowing rolling stock to be added/removed without spectators seeing as they are covered by the goods shed and station canopy respectively. This also allows rail level perspective shots to be taken which are quite convincing I think.














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That an absolutely fabulous layout. Full of charm and atmosphere. That lovely station is alive.


Thanks guys. I should explain that a series of shots were taken from the same spot but with different depth of fields/focus to illustrate the depth of detail achieved. I think modern HD photography adds an additional facet to our great hobby.

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A couple of final general shots including the control shelf built -in to the back of the layout before I move on to rolling stock... Note there are three push/pull rods to operate the points very simply facilitating shunting while only one DCC function (direction) need be pressed to control the shunting operations. These operate from the front or back of the layout enabling operation from either side.







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Shunters Yard is designed to use a spare 3-way point that I had for years and the new Bachmann 6407 pannier tank engine. I had the pleasure some years ago of doing a 3 hour driver experience course on the real 6430 at Llangollen in North Wales so I couldn't resist buying the Bachmann model. GWR has an attraction for me also as it is so well preserved/reproduced on the splendidly restored Llangollen line.


Goods wagons for the layout are mainly Dapol and GWR liveries as well as colourful wagons in red/blue/green colour liveries etc were selected for exhibition purposes. Each wagon was fitted with Kadee couplings and wheels were "damped" to ensure sufficient heft when uncoupling/recoupling with the Kadee system. Note that three Kadee magnets were buried under the track/ballast at specific points to provide four uncoupling points. This enables remote shunting to be carried out easily by using DCC and the push/pull rods to change the turn-outs as appropriate.


To maximise DCC sound, a small 6-pin "silent" chip is fitted to the tank engine while a Mr Soundguy soundchip is fitted under the baseboard along with a Bass Reflex speaker (under the signal box which has no glazing). A small motor is wired to the soundchip to enable the "chuffs" to work. A full range of 64XX sounds including whistles, track squeal and coupling is provided. The model was extensively detailed with coal, driver figures, lamps, bucket, fire implements, etched 6407 plates (from 247 Developments Ltd) etc.













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I must say I like your layout photography , I can never seem to photograph anything that doesn't make it seem worse then actual. !!


Some of them have a lovely " wet " look as if taken after a fall of rain. Lovely stuff




Thanks Dave. I just use an old Fujifilm FinePix F10 camera. It has features such as zoom, macro and focus adjust that can be used to advantage when shooting model railways. The great thing with digital is that you can view and delete as necessary without expense. Enniscorthyman gets great shots/videos also with his smart 'phone.

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19 hours ago, Noel said:

That's fabulous. Love the sound mix too. What era did they run?

Thanks Noel, just back from rebuilding the clubrooms! The railcars started under GWR from 1933/4 and through BR days to 1962. BR had carmine/cream and malachite green liveries. The new Dapol model is of a Gloucester AEC streamlined vehicle in contrast to the "razor edge" versions depicted in the older OO Lima and N Farish models. Both GWR and BR ran "Express Parcels" vehicles which had no saloon windows. See pictures of my GWR models below.



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