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Finntown visit before closure

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Over on IRN, there are posts regarding the apparent run-down of the Finntown Railway which has been hit by two seasons of low passenger numbers, and is fast running out of money, as well as a chronic shortage of people to run it. They've lost their funding for the necessary paid staff too. Overall, like the Foyle Valley museum (and Tralee!) the whole thing looks as if it's breathing its last, if it hasn't already.


It didn't open for Halloween and even Santa trains. I know from 25 years of doing their finances, that both the RPSI and DCDR derive in excess of 40% of their entire annual income from these events, as do other organisations who do Santa experiences. For Finntown to lose this, financial suicide is the only way to describe it.


IF the thing opens up this summer, it may be the last time to travel on it. For any Donegal / narrow gauge modellers out there, it might be the last chance - at least for a very long time - to have a run in a Donegal railcar.


If there is enough interest, I'll organise a tour there. I think we'd be looking at an overnight or else a very early start in Dublin. I'll mull over the possibilities - maybe via Belfast so that northern persons could jump on there, and we'd get the train to Derry / Londonwaterside. Or, train to Sligo and minibus from there, with connection from Derry.


Point is, would anyone be genuinely interested in such a trip? And if so, would you prefer an overnight in somewhere like Glenties or Letterkenny, or a (long) day trip?

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I'd be interested. Sadly its a sign of the times. Projects like this usually need some state or local authority aid, or commercial sponsorship which is common practice in the UK but a more alien practice here. Hope it can survive. I miss the Fenit railway.

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