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Trip along Harcourt Street Line (July 2012)

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Hi all,

My second update from today is a special photographic survey. Last year I did a walking trip along the former Hill of Howth tramway: http://smu.gs/Nk3ipB


Over two days during the last week, I went on a longer journey and set out to record as much as possible of the former Harcourt Street line. I started in Bray where I first recorded the remains of the original coastal route:



It was then onto Shankill to join the Harcourt Street line proper, and locate the two former junctions there, and then head north towards the city and record such treasures as the Bride's Glen viaduct:



This is then followed by joining the current Luas route at Cherrywood before reaching the former terminus in the city:



All of the pictures from the journey can be found here:




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An excellent record of a line which should never have been closed. Hopefully we will, some day, see rail vehicles on the Bride's Glen viaduct again, albeit narrow gauge trams. The weather you had on the two days typifies the summer (?) we are having this year!

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Nice photos there.My Grandfather drove on the Harcourt Street line,

but died in 1929 when my Dad was 3.

This photo is one of the few I have of him,showing him in Ferns station

in the 1920s,he is on the right,and anyone know what loco this is ?.



Thats a great piece of history along with the shots of your Grandad Eamonn. There are pics of my great Grandad in the cab of an N Class taken a long time ago and it's in one of my relatives house. I must try and get a copy of it.



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....or a K1?




Excellent series of pics. I travel on it regularly and there's surprisingly much still to be seen. Pity it's not DSER steam locos, though, as it was when my father went to school in the line.....


Spot on JB. Those five years have gone fast.



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