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First NAMA property to bite the dust (video)

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The entire estate is a shambles. There are no sewage vents (which caused a methane build up which recently caused an explosion in one of the unoccupied houses), there are no fire hydrants and the whole project was built on land that's renowned for practically becoming a lake in wintertime. Footpaths are crumbling and last week two houses had to be evacuated because of dangerously high carbon monoxide levels. Some serious blunders made at several different stages, even before the first sod was turned!

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Guest hidden-agenda

Built by an Antrim based company that would,nt have got away with such shoddy building practices north of the border and thank god for building control up here.

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......Only problem is, there are thousands of more units throughout the country like these.


I read last year in the Indo that an entire block in Dublin had to be evacuated because a proper fire risk assessment had never been carried out (yet the authorities signed it off), and it was belatedly discovered that there was no (or inadequate) fire-resistant material in the walls.

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