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Calling all NCC Modellers - a BROWN VAN, or not a BROWN VAN????

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That is the Question …


Friends (Romans, Countrymen)


After being asked by half the population of Northern Ireland when I am going to produce a "Brown Van", I am about to act!


But is there really a demand, I ask myself?


So, before I waste money and effort, can I ask for expressions of interest, please?


You folk will be aware that there were two types of the van - Class V7, built by the LMSNCC and Class V15 built by the UTA on a chassis produced by Harland and Wolff.


My intent would be to do both.


But I need to have an idea of the demand, so if you want one, now is the time to speak up. An idea of how many would be nice!


If you know of others not on this forum who are interested, you can answer for them, if they are interested.


I don't need to say that the van would be up to the standard Provincial Wagons has tried to maintain with a correct chassis, a decent level of detailing etc.





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And, an interesting name, as they were maroon initially, the UTA green (most green from new), then maroon with NIR!


But always, it seems, so badly weathered they LOOKED brown with brake dust all over them!


It seems that they were never brown!


They are suitable not only for ex-NCC lines right into the 70s, a common sight tagged onto railcar sets, but also on the GNR section between 1958 (UTA division) and 1965, but occasionally behind railcars to Portadown after that. They were usually on the back of passenger trains, rather than being in goods trains, but would have made occasional appearances thus.


Appearances on the Derry Road were possible but rare and short lived. I'm unaware of any heading south at any time.


There are quite a few knocking about at both Whitehead (where there is a beautifully restored one) and Downpatrick - of both types.

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