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NCC WT brass kit in 4mm scale

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Colin R

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Hi guys.


Can I first of all ask the moderators to move this to the right section of this forum if I have this wrong.


I would also like to say that I am not selling these, but I am gathering information for a possible kit and expression of interest.


I have just had an email back from Allen of Worsley works and he reckons it should not be a problem to produce a kit in 4mm for either 16.5 or 21mm gauge of the WT locos.He is away for the next couple of week on holiday, but he will look at this when he gets back. He would also be interested to find out how many of theses kits might be required in a first batch.


If you might be interested may be you could confirm in a reply.


For those of you that have never obtained a kit from Worsley's before, let me say that they are basic and do not normally include such bits like wheels, motors, gearboxes, etc with them, this will be up to you to source.


Branchlines sell motors, gearboxes, etc at branchlines.blogspot.com


wheels can be obtains from http://www.alangibsonworkshop.co.uk/

or http://www.markits.com/


I am not sure who makes white metal castings suitable for the kit since it is something I have never had to look for before.


At the moment not sure just how many bits will need casting's but it might be an idea to start to look at and find out who produces the various white metal fittings that would be suitable for this loco.


In the past I have asked Allen to produce a few etches for me and they have worked, he has always said to me, that if I can find a working drawing of a loco or item of rolling stock that I would like in a brass etch he is willing try to make it happen.


OK this approach may not be to everyone's tastes, but I do hope that some of you will try and if you like it may be we could produce other popular Irish Locos and rolling stock that would be impossible any other way forward, like I have said this is not a full all singing and dancing kit, you do have to find some bits yourself, but I think it is a way to start to get a few more Irish locos available at a reasonable price.



Colin Rainsbury

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Yes I believe it was talked about, but from what I know it didn't happen for one reason or another, lets hope this takes place this time, as I have a list of Irish locos I would love to see in 4mm/OO kit form.



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I asked Allen in 2014 if he would make a WT kit to fit a 4P chassis and he asked for drawing and scans of the chassis which were supplied but never materialised. Other had provided drawing before me and they did not get anywhere.

I should say in fairness he did etches of Railcars for me but it took over a year with constant pressure to get him started but once he did they where done quickly.

Maybe you could be successful this time.

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A rtr model of a WT is more likely to be a commercial success than an etched brass or composite brass and whitemetal kit.


In my experience the proportion of modellers prepared to tackle a metal kit is a small subset of the Irish modelling community. The majority of modellers based in Ireland appear to have a preference for RTR or body line kits suitable for a rtr chassis as the tendency is to model the railways with which they are familiar while overseas (incl modellers based on the British Mainland) modellers of an Irish prototype have a preference for kit and scratchbuilding in order to model the more obscure and unusual incl the steam era and the narrow gauge.


A one piece resin body in NCC, UTA or NIR livery designed to fit the Hornby 2-6-4T chassis would be a low risk option and would probably sell well.


While fewer people are likely to tackle a more accurate model of a WT based on a set of Worsley Works scratchbuilders parts I would not dismiss the option.


Alan Doherty is on record that he is prepared to produce a "kit" if there is demand for 4 or more sets of parts, the WT is essentially an LMS design the majority of the castings may be available from the UK avoiding the need for expensive pattern making and custom casting for boiler fittings and the majority of detail casings.

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A one piece resin body in NCC, UTA or NIR livery designed to fit the Hornby 2.6.4T chassis would be a low risk option.....


Good idea. UTA and NIR were exactly the same bar the logo. All NIR did was replace the UTA crest with the NIR logo on just three engines, in one of which cases (No. 4) it was UTA crest on one side, NIR on the other! They never repainted, let alone replaced lining, on anything!

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