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Poll - Favourite Passenger train livery

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For GSR, I wonder if there's a preference for the initial extremely dark "crimson lake" (a dark purpley brown), chocolate & cream, or LMS-shade maroon?


I know, I know, JB, but I had to start sometime and late 1950s like your wonderful books seem as good a time as any :)

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I vaguely remember seeing some coaches that retained their Great Southern, Crimson Lake livery at Foxrock Station, however, I cannot be certain of the location! Were it Foxrock, then the date has to be before November, 1947. I was surprised to see coaches in this colour as all railway coaches were either green or brown as far as I was concerned at that stage of my life!

For me the original CIE coaching colours of dark green, eau-de-nile with white and black lining is my preferred livery. Why? Quite simply it was the only livery that I saw on a regular basis, I liked it and I liked the trains on which I saw it.

For me, that livery also offers realistic variety in the model trains trains that I can run. I can intermingle GSR coaches with CIE Coaches to represent the early years of CIE, alternatively I can run mixed CIE livery sets with their later variations of lighter greens. It is also worth remembering the first AEC railcars and Park Royal Coaches carried a darker shade of green and they too ran with the earliest CIE livery – so variety – or perhaps – many shades of green!

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Interesting stuff.


Gives me ideas for the next colour book.......!


(That said, I'm an oul black'n'tan fogey.....too old to hear new chimes, etc etc.....!)


It does seem to correlate nicely with the feedback Fran posted from IRMs recent pool. Mk3's in IR/IE orange tippex (white lined) livery look like they might fly off the shelves. Tippex seems a clear favourite.

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