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Big Girl by Athearn

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He mentions the Bachmann version having the motor blocking the 'daylight' in the middle of the body. Did a bit of searching and the bachmann one also has 2 motors. The only thing blocking the space between the engines on the bachmann model is one of the flywheels that could easily be removed without affecting the locos performance... Models like these make one seriously consider modeling american.

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Gentle Jesus, 6600 horsepower.


The EMD DDA40X was a 6,600 hp (4.9 MW) D-D diesel-electric locomotive. It uses two diesel engines (each providing 3,300 hp (2.5 MW). The DDA40X remains the most powerful single-unit diesel locomotive type ever built. It is also the longest single-unit diesel locomotive ever built at 98' long.

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Should be fun seeing that running round the layout next time your up bud. Did you go for the sound as well.


Haha, I know, will have to have some generous curves when I finally build my own one! I sure did, two sound chips for an extra $100 dollars? Had to be done! My poor poor wallet!

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There's not many great videos of them in action in proper service on youtube, but here are a couple













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They usually ran in pairs with an SD40-2, but I've seen them in all sorts of lash ups, including three of them (!) as well as other GPs and SD40-2s.


Aye, the SD-40-2s they ran with were known as 'Fast 40s' because they were re-geared especially to run with the Centennials, with a top speed of 80mph instead of the normal 65mph.

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Well she has arrived, unfortunately I was unable to execute my cunning plan in the end so it came with a hefty customs charge :((


theres no such thing as a cunning plan when it comes to the custums screwing a few quid out of you! my daughter thought she could order her debs dress stateside and save a few bob, but it would have been cheaper to buy at home. but as usual, i got stung with the customs dues!:((


by the way, that is one big girl!

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