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Working semaphore signals?

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4 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

It is, or at any rate was, possible to get working semaphore signals, albeit upper quadrant LMS ones, completely unsuitable for any Irish layout. Has anyone any idea about the whys, wherefores and practicalities of motorising, for example, the Studio Scale Models Irish prototypes?

Hi Jonathan

Lower quadrant from Dapol are motorised and lit.





Alternatively there are the Peco Ratio Kits also lower quadrant which could be adapted to either mechanically operated via push rods under base board (aka like RC model aircraft control surfaces using tube push rods), or motorised using €2 servos and a DCC controller board. Think baseboard Dave sells some electronics that aids this sort of thing. Such servos and push rods may also be adaptable to SSM round signals. "Bless me father for I have popped a rivet" and have had hidden preferences for the look of un-prototypical lower quadrant, square post and lattice signals from the UK in old pre-BR days. :) 


The Ration kits like the one below manually operate via the lever and wire on the base of the post, but the mechanism is delicate so would probably be safer to operate by way of servo that would limit reduce the mechanical loads. Many of the commercially available circuit boards for controlling signals have amazing features like "bounce" to emulate the signal being dropped from danger, or when pulled to danger a little bounce as it levels off in the horizontal, and travel limiters so you can tune the servo movement and speed so match the mechanical linkages.


Hope this helps


More here showing 'kit bashing' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJbnObp5i48


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