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Fancy driving larger scale trains..?

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Yeah, results from Stage 1 are automated to a degree, so I'd say that accounts for fast turn around time. I know someone else that applied and didn't get past Stage 1, so was nice to get to Stage 2. 

Don't know if SCAAT is designed that it's impossible to complete all the lines in the time allowed or what, as haven't seen anyone say they completed all the lines in the SCAAT yet.

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A final word from us
We hope the feedback we have provided to you is of benefit and interest. We appreciate that you are likely to be disappointed that we have not been able on this occasion to take you through to an assessment centre. However it is important to note that only a very small percentage of applicants who applied will be passing through to the assessment centre. You have performed well and looking at the online selection process as a whole (including the online screening questionnaire and the three online tests) you got further and performed better than the majority of people that applied.

Thank you again for your interest in Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail. and the role of Train Driver.

With best wishes for the future

The OPC Assessment Team


That's me out anyways.

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