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murphy models 071 wiring diagram

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The Derry Road


Hi all,

I have one 071 in particular, that wont move, the sound works perfectly and the sound goes through the motions yet the loco stands still. Any help would by much appreciated, or a  copy of the wiring details. When the chip is replaced with the blanking plate loco stands still also

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If it does not work on DC with the blanking plate then it may be the internals, broken motor wire perhaps?

I had an issue using the MM chip with the Hornby Elite where the sound would work but no movement. It stopped working on the Hornby system for no reason, no firmware updates etc. Both sound and motor worked fine when tested on the NCE DCC system.

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Thanks to all whom offered advice on the 071 sound chip. Loco runs fine on DC and on an ordinary DCC  chip in both directions and the lights also work. I tried another 071 loco with the sound chip and absolutely nothing. As a result I have contacted the supplier, whom suggested return the sound chip for further investigation. Thanks again TDR

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