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  1. PM working 0.5 time with IRM to transition MM business into IRM for future production?
  2. https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=155&product_id=956
  3. Ballast Hopper Wagon Set 3 for sale €120 Located in north Co.Dublin
  4. Orange Cement Bubble Set F for sale. €120 Located in North Co. Dublin.
  5. ...no ......helpful Dave?.....
  6. Its going through the global shipping scheme - so will cross the Irish sea twice before its gets down here should anyone here buy it.....
  7. Clearly not if the engine (sounds) starts up.....do pay attention Dave....
  8. Will do!! .....on the provision you let me stay and play for 5 hours....!!
  9. Was next door to the Hyde building today myself. Considered popping in to say hello, but had dropped in just after the move to collect some ploughs and Tara's, and decided against disturbing the lads again. Nice bit of space there. Will drop in again some time when it's all set up....
  10. How many did you buy Dave? £266 = €308 + €29 postage So on a DCC circuit approaching €400 to run one with a non sound decoder....€500 to run with sound....
  11. CFD

    irm bubbles

    I have an extra Orange Pack F that I would swop for a Pack A if you want to drop me a message Railer...
  12. Thanks Paddy...Will check them out.
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