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The Wait Goes On

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48 minutes ago, Broithe said:

I understand that there might be some other match coming up at some point, where they might still win something or other?

Will just be consolation Broithe, it'll never be as good. I think I'll go off and sit in a dark corner with my Guinness-_-  

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19 hours ago, Magpie1951 said:

As an Evertonian I have to say Man City are an amazing team and lets hope the Spurs go marching on in Madrid in 3 weeks!!

Jimmy Greaves may not be currently available for selection, but Martin Chivers could probably find the time to fill any gaps up front.

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On 5/12/2019 at 8:39 PM, JasonB said:

Never thought I'd see the day when 97 points still wouldn't be enough to win a league title. So the wait goes on for that elusive 19th championship.1990 is beginning to feel like a very long time ago now :(  

Considering recent events, May 2019 seems like a very long time ago, let alone 1990. But, as the saying goes... Good things come to those who wait. I broke out the chocolate hobnobs last night. YNWA.   

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