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4 wheel Container Wagon

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I have done some development work on designing a 4 wheel container wagon producing some test etches for the 22'6" flats used on the Asahi and general container traffic.




The wagon is designed to run on 21mm or OO gauge and I am looking at ammending the final design to simplify assembly and to add some weight either mixed whitemetal and brass or all whitemetal construction.


The other alternative is the earlier steel floored flats that didnt last long in container traffic and ended up under the Bagged cement and beet doubles.


At this stage I am trying to get an idea of the number of people interested i.e. whether to comission a 10-50-100 or 1000 wagons



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I'm certainly interested in the 22ft 6 flats John as they can be used for a number of loads. Container, kegs, timber, barrier wagon, weed spray etc. The fact it is designed with 21mm from the beginning is a big winner for me and I would buy fleet quantities when available. I love the outside w irons and that is a brilliant build, really great work. It is a very exciting time with everything in the pipeline at the moment. I would love all brass construction but what ever you decide in the end won't stop me buying.



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