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RIP Joe St Leger

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The well-known Irish railway photographer Joe St Leger passed away this evening. He maintained a pictorial record of Irish railways for half a century, including many firsts - and probably even more lasts - during that time, and his photos have been used in numerous publications.


I met him on various occasions down through the years and he was always pleasant and quiet-spoken, always had something interesting to say, and never failed to have his camera and cine-cam at the ready... just in case!


May he rest in peace.


Joe St Leger photo album, posted to Flickr by Fred Dean Jr.

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Guest hidden-agenda

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe at Cork shed some years ago when the late Brian O Sullivan introduced me to him. A lovely guy who had all the time in the world to talk and listen and was happy to help with questions about any aspect of the railway or photography.

A gentleman has left us and will be sadly missed.

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Its great to see so many tributes being paid to the late and great Joe St Leger, he was a very modest and humble man. I remember the first time I met him in the mid 1980s, and asking him innocently at the time ''are you the same Joe St Leger that works for the Irish Press'' and he mischievous replyed to me with grin which I'II always remember to this day ''eh no, unlike me, that man is a real photographer'' we'll never see his like again.



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