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Of you have the new IRRS journal you will know of a list of 33 CIE engines that were pit aside for preservation but never happened. The list had engine numbers but no class numbers like J15. So I decided to find put what class was each engine.So here is what I found.

The is 3 groups




There is no DSER or GSR in the list sadly. 461 I beleive was on display like 184 and 90.


3N - I do not know this one fully but I am guessing UG class.

132N- Qs class 4-4-0

143N-? If any one knows this please reply saying so. That would be great.

204N- Antrim U class 4-4-0.

131-4-4-0 Qs class. This engine is preserved.


593- J18 0-6-0

599-J19 0-6-0

603-J19 0-6-0

574- J18 0-6-0

That is how far I have come. The rest are GSWR and are a mix of J15s and other 0-6-0s. A lot of CIE GNR stock ended up in Uta hands.

hope you all like.


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Technically, they weren't put aside for preservation. They were a "strategic reserve" intend to deal with a possible major breakdown in the new dieselisation programme.

They were always intended for scrap once officialdom was 100% happy with all aspects of the new diesel programme, thus the advent of the 121s and 141s sealed their fate.

They only scheduled a very few for actual preservation:

J15  184 & 186  (Now RPSI)

K2  461   (Now RPSI)

GNR  131  (Now RPSI)

J30  90   (Now DCDR)

GSWR  36  (IE, Cork station)

GSR  800  (UFTM, Cultra)

The latter, 800, was initially scheduled for scrap, but was reprieved following representations by those who had a bit of wit!

The MGWR is missing from the above. CIE consider saving a G2 as well, but no particular one was picked, and before any arrangements could be made they were all broken up. I have also heard it suggested that 464, the last "Brandon Tank" was under consideration as well, but this may be wishful thinking on the part of Cork area railway management at the time, and enthusiasts subsequently, as no evidence of such a plan exists.

All the other locos were never meant to kept long term, and while the very last of them turned its last wheel in traffic in March 1963, a few (by this time long derelict) were technically only written off in 1965.

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Only two midland engines had a chance of surviving into preservation. 603 was left in the old Athlone engine shed and 654 Clara as it was repainted by CIE in black in 1963. I do think that if a few were saved the would not be enough variety to have an intresting railway museum. All the pictures of the engines that I have seen reminded of the Barry 10 they were that bad.

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6 hours ago, jhb171achill said:

Modellers will notice that as in grey days, sometimes the cab interior was the same colour as all of the engine instead of some combination of light brown and cream, as used by most companies on most locos. here, the late CIE all-black includes an all-black cab interior!

That must have been a pain when working on night beet trains.

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