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IRM Couplers - Which Suits Which?

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DJ Dangerous

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The instanter looks like a long reach coupling I've seen on wagons with long Oleo buffers, the hook being held by a collar not a mounting plate.

The screw link coupling has no mounting so looks fairly generic for locomotives, railcars and coaches.

Would be good to hear what they actually are though.

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Screw couplings were generally fitted to locos and passenger coaching stock, Instanter Couplings to wagons including the majority of wagons introduced by CIE since the 1960s but were sometimes fitted to some older wagons including corrugated opens, H Vans and ex GNR bagged cement wagons.

The center link of the instanter can be turned to reduce the coupling slack between wagons so that they can run at speed  in a similar manner to a screw link coupler

There is a U-tube video of a Shunter (human) adjusting the slack on instanter couplers on an IWT liner so the train can run round the curves into the Alexandra Basin container terminal



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If you just want one for decoration then check out the loco accessory pack, most of them seem to include at least one , get little resealable bags before you open it though or you WILL lose all the little bits that you dont use. ask me how i know.

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